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Martin Skinner - Prosper By Property

Martin has been running residential property businesses for 15 years now, following a period during the initial dotcom boom working with and heading up technology firms.

During his property career, he’s been responsible for thousands of developments, including more than 2,500 units of affordable private housing in London worth a quarter of a billion pounds.

Martin has had many ups and downs and his resilience is paying off, he’s currently working on a development of around 1,500 compact living and shared living projects with a GDV of £240 million, and is a widely regarded expert of London property investment.

During this episode we go back 15 years to the very start of Martin Skinner's property career. We discuss the credit crunch and how he went from £millions to £0 & back from £0 to £millions. We also discuss:

- Pitching to investors and thinking bigger

- Leveraging money 

- Social media

- Brexit 

- Looking at developments from a micro & macro level

- Plus much more

Listen to this episode now to see how Martin ticks...

- Mike Howman (Click name to see bio) 


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