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Interview - Vicki Wusche (Investor, Author & Entrepreneur)

Interview with Vicki Wusche

Watch Time: 31 Minutes

Editor: Shaun Callacher

Hey guys, today I’m fortunate enough to ask a few questions to Vicki Wusche. Due to Internet connection letting us down, Charlie her daughter asked the questions on my behalf. Vicki is a very successful property investor who has been investing for a number of years and has made a lot of money from property within that time. As well as being voted The Telegraphs most inspiring woman in property, she has also now gone on to write a number of property investing books and a blog called helping others to become successful in investing.

I met Vicky at my Liverpool property networking event a few weeks ago where she was invited to do a talk. This is when I asked her if she would be happy sharing some of her knowledge with ProsperByProperty. Fortunately for us she kindly agreed. The interview is very inspiring and full of great content, if you have any questions or feedback please leave your thoughts below. Enjoy...

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