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3 Ways To Find A Great Property Mentor

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Editor: Shaun Callacher

How to Find a Great Property Mentor

A mentor can boost you to your goal, they can hold you accountable, they can supply you with fantastic contacts, they can guide you, they can motivate you, and they can save you time and money.

In any new path you wish to take to become successful, finding a mentor could be the key to thriving. Do you think Usain Bolt became the fastest man in the world without coaches and mentors? – Of course not! He had the very best of both mentors and coaches.

In this post, I share 3 tools to help you reach out to people who have been/are successful in property development/investing.

Your goal is to get out of your comfort zone and ask them directly if they would like to mentor you. You may be nervous about asking, but you’ll be surprised at the result, as it is human nature to want to see others succeed through our help.

Template Email

Perhaps you can use this example to help you construct your own email or phone call:

'Hello, (name), my name is Shaun.

We haven’t met yet. And I know you’re a busy man/woman, so I’ll be brief.

I am a property developer/investor in the (insert region and country). Over the years you have done a fantastic job building (insert company name) into one of the largest companies/people in our industry. I’m sure you had some real challenges when you were first starting out.

Well, I’m still in those early stages, trying to figure everything out. (their name) I would really appreciated it if you would consider being my mentor? All that would mean is spending ten minutes on the phone with myself once per month, so I could ask you a few questions, I’d really appreciate it. Would you be open to that?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards, Shaun Callacher mobile: (number) office: (number) '

If they don’t respond first time round, keep on trying every 2 weeks until you get a response.

Now, where to find great mentors so you can ask the question….

1/ Network

Attending property development conferences, conventions and network meetings will allow you to meet people who are constantly in the property developing world. Share with them your intentions to become a property developer and how you are looking for a mentor. You will soon find somebody who can put you in touch with the right person. If you are unsure where to find property development meetings in your area, Google it! ‘Property development meetings in (insert your area)’. I have no doubt a long list of meetings will appear, and if not, open your search radius. It could be worth the long travel!

2/ Read Industry Magazines

By reading industry magazines, you will discover case studies from successful developers, see who is active in the marketplace, and find announcements for upcoming property developing meetings. Not only this, but you will find your knowledge increases through all the reading too, as you are searching for your mentor.

3/ Search the Internet

I am sure this one is obvious, but try doing a search on a search engine such as Google for ‘top developers in (insert your area)’. Top property development companies spend a lot of money to be ranked highly on search engines. On their website you will no doubt be able to find the directors of the companies personal contact details and see how active they are. And if not, contact their personal assistant and ask for the directors direct contact details or to pass your message on.

I am sure along the way you will get a number of No’s, but like most things in life worth having, persistence is key.

I am also sure some potential mentors will wish to charge you for their time. If this is the case, remember to ask yourself, ‘How much will I lose if I don’t work with/learn from them?’ With the right mentor, your monetary output will be a hundredfold (or more) your initial monetary input! So it may be worth the short-term scarcity.

Good luck with your search for a great property developer mentor. If I can help in any way, please get in touch.

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