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The Importance Of Pipelining

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The Importance of Pipelining

Deals can fall over at the last hurdle, investors can pull out in the final hour & lenders can change their criteria before completion leaving your property business with a gaping hole to fill.

I could write a post explaining that if you do X before Y it will be all rosy and none of these things would happen - but guess what, even with experience, sh^* happens. It is nothing personal, it is part of the business and it can happen to all of us. In fact all 3 of the above happened to us on a deal we completed this year.

In this post I thought I would share the importance of Pipelining:

Pipelining is the idea of having more than one opportunity around you encase your first one falls through.

If you have a deal that falls through, you won't feel as frustrated because you know you have more on the table.

If an investor pulls out of an opportunity in the final hour, you have other investors lined up that you can go to.

Of course, when your projects don't go your way the first time around you will no doubt feel frustrated, however the quicker you can get over this frustration and channel your inner emotions to result in more tangible actions the quicker you can overcome set back.

Short But Sweet Point:

Pipeline like hell and don't rest on your actions until that opportunity is over the finish line. Until you reach completion, create more opportunities, it will only be good for business and your blood pressure!

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